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About Time Cane Corso Italiano

Rescues Available For Adoption

Adopt a Friend . . . For Life!

Consider allowing a rescued Cane Corso to "Adopt" YOU ... They all deserve a second chance & a good home!

These are the faces of loving and loyal dogs, faithfully dedicated to being a friend, a partner, a defender, a companion … and left without their family. Yes, they look confused, sad, and unsure. Yet behind these sad faces wait wonderful dogs who want nothing more than a leader to devote their lives to. Let me try to tell you of the love and loyalty you will receive from a rescue. The gratitude for a stable home and a better life, from one who has lived on the other side, is like nothing you will ever experience from a dog that has always had it good. Open your home and heart to a rescue in need, and your generosity will be repaid a thousand times over with unmatched devotion. You will share their joy with every happy wag of a tail, every sigh of contentment, and every time those large grateful eyes look into yours and bless you for the second chance you provided.

If you are interested in adopting an available Corso, please fill out our Application to inquire about a currently available Cane Corso listed below, or simply join our Rescue Notification List to receive an e-mail notification as new rescues become available. If you have a Corso in need of a home, contact us and we will be happy to list it here for you.

If you would like to help out and offer a home or financial assistance to a Cane Corso in need, please also contact us. You can provide financial help by sponsoring a current rescue, or simply by making your online purchases thru our affiliate program links.

While we focus on Cane Corso rescue, we can't close our doors to other breeds in bad situations. We often have assorted dogs of various breeds and sizes in need of loving homes, as well as Cane Corso Mastiffs. If you are interested in our breed specific rescue for Italian Greyhounds, please see our individual rescue pages for each site. You might just find your new best friend!


About Time has REBRANDED as Meraki Cane Corso - please visit us at M-K9.com for current information.


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Available Cane Corso Puppies and Dogs For Sale at About Time Cane CorsoAvailable Cane Corso Puppies and Dogs For Sale at About Time Cane Corso

About Time Cane Corso Website UpdatesAbout Time Cane Corso Website Updates

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About Time Cane Corso News & UpdatesAbout Time Cane Corso News & Updates
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