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About Time Cane Corso Italiano

Our Purchase Process

So, you have decided you want an About Time Cane Corso puppy ... now how do you go about getting one?

Our process goes beyond what many breeders offer (sign over a check, grab a pup, and go), but it is relatively simple and designed with the end goal of placing the perfect pup with a great home.

We want each of our carefully bred puppies have a wonderful home for life, and we want you to have a great Cane Corso puppy that will be perfectly suited for your family, activity level, and plans for the dog.

When pups are picked based on color and a few pictures at a young age, you have no idea if you are getting a high drive dominant dog when you wanted a laid back couch-potatoe, or if you are getting a mellow quiet dog when you wanted a strong working prospect.
Choosing at a young age you can not judge and evaluate conformation and type well, and temperament is yet to be determined.

Our careful process allows for reservations to be made early - guaranteeing you a pick puppy from a specific litter - but puppy selection at 6 to 7 weeks of age also provides you the best chance of choosing the ideal dog that will be well suited for your family and plans.

About Time Cane Corso Puppy Purchase Process

...All I can say to anyone is just be totally honest about your lifestyle and family, and I am sure you will find yourself being as happily surprised as I am every day!
  Pack structure here is strong and flawless!  When we go for walks with the kids the dog insists on being with the kids at all times, she walks right next to the stroller! (AS IF IT IS HER JOB!)
  She is always on alert and its always play time!   I trust this dog more than I do most people!
 All I can say is Right On! Laura, and Thank You! (GREAT PICK!)
 Laura's pick for my family was perfect!
 -Martin & Jill

Thanks again for everything, we are extremely happy with the outcome of this arrangement. You were great to deal with and Static is perfect. As my daughter said two days after she arrived, "I think she was made just for us mom!" and I would have to agree.
 -Lisa & Kurtis

About Time Cane Corso Purchase Process:

  1. Contact Us: We like to either talk with you in person on the phone, or have you complete our Puppy Application. This gives us a chance to get to know you better, find out what you are looking for in your new puppy, and make sure you will be a good home for one of our pups.

  2. Availability: Once you have been approved as a good home for an About Time Cane Corso puppy, the next step is choosing a currently Available Puppy or an Upcoming Litter that is well suited to your preferences and time-frame. If you like, we can help recommend the litter that will be most likely to produce the pup best suited to your preferences and family.

  3. Deposit: Once you select your pup or litter we will provide you information to send your $500 deposit.
    • Deposit for an Available Puppy will be applied toward purchase price. Balance due at 6 weeks. (Skip to step #5)
    • Deposit to hold an Advance Reservation, is applied toward purchase price and guarantees yourself a reservation for a pick pup from an upcoming litter or a future litter of your choice.

  4. Selection: When the puppies are born we update you with e-mail and photos, we post more photos as they grow, and we often run a live puppy web-cam so you can watch the pups interacting and playing. When they are 6 weeks old we take head shots and stacked front and side photos of each pup, along with doing temperament evaluations on each puppy. Then we go thru the puppy selection process where you pick your pup from the litter - we help thru the process to recommend the pups best suited to your preferences and to be a great fit with your family.

  5. Ear Crop: We dock tails and remove dewclaws on all pups, and send them home current on vaccinations and worming. If you want your puppy's ears cropped, we can take care of that for you here as well. We use an incredible vet who does an awesome crop every time. We ask all clients to review this page of details on Ear Cropping to make a fully informed decision.

  6. Paperwork: Once your puppy is chosen, we will send your contract/guarantee completed with your puppy's information. You sign and return that to us along with the balance of payment due on the puppy, prior to the pup reaching 8 weeks of age.

  7. Shipping / Pickup: We make shipping or pickup arrangements, and your new pup goes home to you at 8-9 weeks of age! We love to meet those who can travel to pick up their puppy, and we acclimate our pups to travel for an un-stressful flight home for those who will be flying across the US and internationally.

  8. Lifetime Support: When you take home an About Time Cane Corso, you become part of our 'extended family'. We are available for help and advice anytime for the life of your puppy, and we have made many friendships that will last even longer. We have several online venues to stay in touch, and we love getting updates, calls, eMails, photos, notes for our Testimonials page, and brags on our dog's Accomplishments!

More details on the above information is provided on the Sales Policies page of our website.

We have just added a sweet girl from your family to ours! We live in Canada, and you in New Mexico, we were not able to fly down to choose our girl. So based on emails and phone calls our pup was chosen for us by Laura and we couldn't be happier! Not only is she a beautiful pup her temperament is amazing, and her best friend is our 11 week old kitten!! I will recommend About Time to anyone looking for a great dog. The knowledge these breeders have is amazing and the time and effort in making arrangements to get the pup to us in Canada was a large feat but we are super thankfull!! Your company is great as is your love for the dogs you are breeding! Thank you so much for "Stella" we are in love with her she has been the perfect addition to our family!!!!
 -Coralee & Jay

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