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About Time Cane Corso Italiano

The REAL About Time's Causing Chaos!

YES!  You have found the actual honest-to-goodness home of the REAL "Chaos"!

Copyright Infringement is a serious matter. About Time Cane Corso will vigorously protect our copyright interests, and we appreciate your help. If you are aware of Chaos's photo/s being used by another individual on another website without our permission, Please Let Us Know!

Cane Corso Chaos, About Time's Causing Chaos

Bred and owned by About Time Cane Corso, our girl "About Time's Causing Chaos" is one of the most well known, widely recognized, and in demand Cane Corsos on the internet. She is more often than not mistaken for a male when her photo is seen for the first time. Chaos is the inspiration that has let many individuals to their first Cane Corso, She is the dog used as an example of the breed in countless forums and websites across the web. Her photo is used by many admirers as a background image, desktop wallpaper, avatar, profile photo, etc.

While we are proud to have our photo of our dog used as a reference in so many areas as an example of the Cane Corso breed, we ask that any such user provide photo credit with her name (About Time's Causing Chaos) and reference back to our website (www.AboutTimeCaneCorso.com) along with the image.

Chaos also boasts one of the most often stolen photos on the web that has been taken and used countless times by a myriad of unethical scumbag backyard breeders who use her photo and claim Chaos as the 'sire' or dam to their litter of puppies produced, or present her photo as their own on their personal website or page. I have lost count of the number of times we have filed DMCA complaints and shut down websites for copyright infringement over misuse of her stolen photo.

So yes, you are here! You may have followed a link from her image directly here, or you may well have seen her image in countless other places online, and waded through many websites claiming to have her... but you have arrived. We are the actual breeders and owners of the real live actual in the flesh dog that so many others claim as their own - About Time's Causing Chaos.

This incredible dog is a wonderful part of our everyday lives. Chaos is the essence of what a true Cane Corso should be. She lives in our home, gently nibbles offered food from the baby's hands, sleeps with our children, watches over the kids playing in our yard, and alerts at the gate if a stranger dares to pull up. She will keep any uninvited stranger from even thinking about entering our yard, but will immediately accept anyone we chose to invite into our home - and promptly set about mooching ear-scratching and belly-rubs from any visitors with a free hand.

About Time's Causing Chaos, Cane Corso, Chaos

Copyright Infringement is a serious matter. About Time Cane Corso will vigorously protect our copyright interests, and we appreciate your help. If you are aware of Chaos's photo/s being used by another individual on another website without our permission, Please Let Us Know!

That said, let us share more with you about Chaos!

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Our first retained pup of our own breeding, Chaos has matured into everything we hoped she would, and then some! Confident, balanced, athletic, drivey, protective, stable, and all this with great conformation, an powerful correct gait, and a beautiful head. Chaos is an stunning Cane Corso. Even as a young pup she surprised us almost daily with her maturity and attitude. At 12 weeks she already knew "her" yard and territory, alerted us to any strange visitors at the gate, and already had the discernment to accept guests as soon as we allowed them into the yard. She is extremely smart - her intelligence is just mind-boggling, and her temperament is simply wonderful. She just kept getting better as she matured! Chaos is a well rounded Corso. She is confident and outgoing at the local dog park, accepting of strangers, protective of her yard, yet trustworthy with family and children. Chaos brings together Chinga's type with Mason's size, and presents a conformationally correct and straight package. She has nice movement, great reach and drive, and is a very athletic and balanced dog.
When we found Chinga as the foundation of our breeding program, we found perfection. We carefully bred her first litter with the goal of retaining the pick female pup. When the litter was born, we knew she was the one right away. Not wanting to jump the gun, we waited to evaluate everyone as they matured, and wouldn't you know - our first impression was right! Chaos has matured into a stunning Cane Corso - everything we had hoped for, and then some! We are very pleased to have retained her at About Time Cane Corso.

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